According to an article published on quizlet.com, titled 'The most difficult and unbelievable word of the OED' (which I dont have access to), levament means "The comfort which one hath of his wife".

So I wonder if there is a similar word that means "The comfort which one hath of her husband"?

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The OED entry is basically

† levament, n.

Etymology: < Latin levāmentum, < levāre to lighten.
Obs. rare—0.
1623 H. Cockeram Eng. Dict., Leuament, the comfort which one hath of his wife.

And no; there is no different word for the comfort a husband gives. It is the "unbearable lightness of being" which comes from being in love, and that can be felt by either sex.

The apparent gender-specificity of the definition is a product of its time. Even the word comfort has shifted in meaning in the last four hundred years.


I found something similar in the link; it is:

Maritality (n.) Excessive or undue affection on the part of a wife for her husband (see also: levament).

I'll look some more, though. Having searched for it through Oxford's Historical Thesaurus, I can't find anything else. Sorry.

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