What is the adverbial form of the word scrutiny? I'm looking for the exact synonym of the "with scrutiny" expression. I've tried searching for the form like scrutinily but I've only found something like scrutinizingly. Does scrutinizingly have the meaning of "with scrutiny"?

The context is that I am trying to describe an act of watching some tv series for my thesis - I had to watch it really carefully in an analytical way and stop the recording every minute or so to write down the sentences I've just heard.


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I think that in practice, most people would simply use the verb 'scrutinize' instead of saying 'watch with scrutiny', which accordingly doesn't sound very idiomatic to me.

That being said, 'scrutinizingly' does exist; it means 'in a scrutinizing manner'.

You could say of your research, "In the course of my analysis, I had to carefully scrutinize the TV series and transcribe the dialogue".

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