I'm managing an online registration to some conferences. The conference coordinator has to add info about that in an online form, when submitting his conference to the registration website.

Is there a better way to describe the date the registration closes?

I prefer a short straight forward name.

PS. Yeah, I know you hate me, for this nerdy question, but in fact I face this question many times in other terms as well.

  • The short and straight answer is historically most organisations didn't want to spend a lot of time clearing up confusion for applicants who couldn't distinguish between date application is completed (before being mailed), and date application is received. So it was usually "Applications must be received by [date]". Since yours is an online (instant) facility, you should probably use "Applications must be submitted by [date]". But it might be wise to add "at the latest" to save people ringing up to ask if that final date is "inclusive" or not. Jul 22, 2014 at 17:02

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Anything wrong with "deadline"?


How about simply

registration ends

It's close to what you're saying already, but more commonly used. There's plenty of online examples: 1 2 3 4 5

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