I’ve just received feedback on my work during the second quarter of the year (Q2) from my manager. I would like to reply to this feedback and end my reply with a sentence along the lines of"

Looking forward to a ____ Q3!

In my native language, one could use our word corresponding to the English word fruitful. But I don’t know whether fruitful would be ok to use in English, nor whether some better yet still professional way for expressing cheerful excitement about the next quarter exists.

I imagine I could also change the formula to something like:

Looking forward to a Q3 full of ____.

or use a similar construction.

How can I convey my excitement about an upcoming assignment in a professional way?

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  • 1
    fruitful. See sense 1.1. – Andrew Leach Jul 21 '14 at 16:16
  • Looking forward to an even better Q3? Don – rhetorician Jul 21 '14 at 16:35
  • Just say exactly what you are thinking. Literally, what are you thinking? Are you thinking "thanks for saying that" are you thinking "I know I can do even better" are you thinking "I'm very pleased with what happened". Just state what you are thinking. – Fattie Jul 21 '14 at 18:00

In a business context, I would not say that "fruitful" is a bad choice, but it would not be my first one, since I personally consider it a little too general and bland. "Profitable" is usually an appropriate word to use for excitement in the next quarter in a business context, but I sometimes prepend "more", so

Looking forward to a more profitable Q3!

"Challenging" (or, again, "more challenging") might be suitable if you anticipate a new task is anticipated. There are any number of terms that could be used, though, besides those I have suggested.

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