Are there any more poetic synonyms for "snow-white" and "niveous"? I was searching but I've only found "nival".


Pristine, sparkling, and glistening are sometimes used of snow, the latter from glisten, “to reflect light with a glittering luster; to sparkle, coruscate, glint or flash”.

Comparisons or contrasts like milk-white are sometimes used; eg, in Surrey with the Fringe on Top,

[Shirley] Has it really got a team of snow-white horses?

[Gordon] One's like snow~the other's more like milk.

and in Lamentations 4:7,

Her consecrated ones were brighter than snow, whiter than milk...

Here are a few other combinations that might be poetically shoehornable: frosty effulgence, chionablepsic brightness or radiance, brilliant poudrin.

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