I was reading through this article recently, and I noticed that the first and seventh paragraphs are identical.

Stylistically speaking, is it common to repeat entire strings of text as shown here? Speaking personally, I find it awkward to be reading the same thing over again.

I'm not seeking a definitive ruling on this, but rather opinions on the prevalence of this particular styling and formatting choice.

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    The introductory paragraph is an exerpt. It's very common; just a way of grabbing someone's attention. Stylewise, you might get a good discussion at writers.se. The quick tour will give you an idea of what kind of question is on topic here. :) – anongoodnurse Jul 17 '14 at 4:22

That appears to be what we call a "typographical disaster". What looks like the lead paragraph (or lede paragraph) is probably supposed to be a call-out, but there isn't enough to differentiate it from the running text. Ordinarily, a call-out would have different margins, a significantly larger font size, a different typeface or style, borders, or a different background colour to let you know that you are reading an excerpt from the article body.

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