I a technical correspondence, I wanted to express the fact that there are two outcomes of "onclick" event:

Also, "onclick" event removes the group in question from the list "excluded_groups" or adds it to the list.

However, the above sentence looks too long to me. Is the following sentence grammatically and stylistically correct: (note that there is no "from" after "remove", or anywhere else in the sentence)

Also, "onclick" event removes or adds the group in question to the list "excluded_groups".


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I believe that the following is the best solution: 'Also, "onclick" event removes the group in question from or adds it to the list.'


Also, "onclick" event toggles the group in question on or off the "excluded_groups" list.



  1. to alternate between two positions using a single switch or lever.
    Clicking a button will alternately toggle its light on OR off.
  2. to switch between alternate states.
    toggle to lower/upper case
    You can quickly toggle the case of selected text by pressing Shift+C

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