These two attitudes are no more contradictory than those two.

Which of the following interpretations is right (or give me a better one if possible):

  1. Relatively, these two attitudes are not more contradictory than those two; however, it is unknown, from the statement, how contradictory those two are or whether those two are contradictory at all.
  2. Those two attitudes are not contradictory, and these two are not either; it is not about the comparison between the contradiction of these two and that of those two.

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“A is no more difficult than B” means literally that both are of a similar level of difficulty, and in most cases it also implies that neither is very difficult. So, it's rather 1, but with implications of 2.


That phrasing 'X is no more Y than Z' often comes in the context of Z already being not very Y, so X is as or maybe less Y than Z. So the implication is -usually- X is not very Y but context may also allow X to be pretty Y but just not as Y as Z. Plug in for variables where needed.

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