We say much is Positive degree and Better is comparative. How can they be combined?

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Yes, "much better" (and, in general, much + comparative) is correct usage.

Some examples:

Today I'm feeling much better than yesterday.
A snail is much smaller than an elephant.


Comparatives adjectives that end with "er" like "Better" can be followed by much, a lot, far, a little, a bit, slightly.

"Bob is much richer than I am"

"My mother's hair is slightly longer than mine"


It's possible to combine them. The combination makes much better.

In general, you can add much to the comparative adjectives.


Per point 8 here much better translates to Considerably.

How are you feeling today? Day 1: I am feeling better, thanks. (Translation : I am not completely alright, but I sincerely appreciate your concern, Thank You for asking) Day 2: I am feeling much better.(There has been considerable improvement in my health, I am feeling relieved!)

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