Looking for a non-crappy way of describing someone doing that washing hand motion you do to clear your hands of dust or dirt, but without saying 'washing hand motion'. I feel like there's a good way of describing it, a stock phrase of some kind, but I can't remember it. Tip of the tongue, and it's driving me mad.

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If you mean running one's hands over each other, not when you're washing but when you are distressed or worried that's wringing one's hands



It's a bit archaic but how about Lave?

e.g. She laved her hands.

Lave [leyv]

verb (used with object), laved, lav·ing.

1.to wash; bathe.

2.(of a river, sea, etc.) to flow along, against, or past; wash.

3.Obsolete . to ladle; pour or dip with a ladle.

verb (used without object), laved, lav·ing.

4.Archaic. to bathe.


How about rub/scrub/brush one's hands clean?

He vigorously rubbed his hands clean under the sink water.

Alternately, consider scrub up.

scrub up: (of a surgeon) to wash the hands and arms thoroughly before operating.

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