Just as shortchange means cheating someone by giving insufficient money as change, the word I am looking for means cheating through counterfeit money.

There are words as simple as deceive, bilk, swindle, cozen and others, but I couldn't find a word that means exactly what I need.


To shove [the queer] - verb 4. (slang) - To pass (counterfeit money).

I've not actually come across "Let's shove that guy" as a transitive usage meaning "Let's palm off some dud notes on him", but it seems like a small and natural functional shift to me.


From Lexicon balatronicum: A Dictionary of Buckish, Francis Grose:

To smash. To pass counterfeit money.

From Dictionary of American Underworld Lingo, Hyman:

push, v. 2. To pass or issue, especially counterfeit currency or negotiables

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