I would like to make smooth-sounding sentences and slogans, so it is important to me to find words with similar pronunciations.

Is there any dictionary that can help me find words like that?

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    You could try a rhyming dictionary. – Elliott Frisch Jun 9 '14 at 2:25
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    Kenyon and Knott's Pronouncing Dictionary of American English gives the pronunciations (only; nothing else) in IPA-based phonemic notation. Match the notations and you match the sounds. – John Lawler Jun 9 '14 at 3:52

slogan rhymes with

blowgun, bogan, brogan, cogan, crogan, dogan, gogan, grogan, hogan, kogan, logan, mogan, ogan, rogan, shogun, vogan, wogan

See: RhymeZone

I know the OP actually likes to have pairs (or sets) of rhyming words, preferably homophones (Raise, rays, rase, raze, rehs, réis, res).

A "complete list of homophones in American English" is here.

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  • RhymeZone is what I need. Thank you @Kris so much! – Nam G VU Jun 10 '14 at 6:52

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