So there is this kind of building located in the centre of a fork in the road (maybe in streets too).

I don't know how to put it into words, but it looks like this: A black and white drawing of two top down road layouts. One is cul-de-sac with houses down either side and one at the end, the house at the end is circled in red. The other is a T junction with a house opposite the stem of the T. The house is circled in red.

Or this:

A front on drawing of a house in a corner of a Y junction. It has empty flowerbeds and a tree at the back, on the right hand side.

Is there a single English word for that kind of building? If it is a house, is there another name for that?

In my native language (Indonesian), it's called Rumah Tusuk Sate. Which if translated bluntly into English, it's Skewer House, which sounds a bit weird to me.

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It is colloquially mentioned as "t-junction house" because the house is located at a t-junction. (first image, depiction on the right)

A top down drawing of a house oppposite the stem of a T juction.
~Source: http://rol.vn/resourcedetail/1/1044/the-dreaded-tjunction/

There is also y-junction house (second image)

A top down drawing of a house opposite the stem of a Y junction.
~Source: http://rol.vn/resourcedetail/1/1044/the-dreaded-tjunction/

In the first image, the depiction on the left is the last house in a cul-de-sac (or house at the dead end).

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  • Is cul-de-sac English too? How do I pronounce it?
    – Safira
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  • Yes it is English. It is loaned from French. You can hear the pronunciation in online dictionaries. For example: thefreedictionary.com/cul-de-sac
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  • Neitherof the links are working. Are there any examples of T-junction/Y-junction house? Or is this coining a phrase?
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  • I think the examples are shown above the links (images).
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This type of home is also referred to as a T-intersection home (or house).

T-intersection: US a place where one road joins another and forms the shape of the letter T


I have always heard it referred to as a 'sandwich building' but it is a Flatiron Building.

Pullman Flatiron Building This corner of Main Street and Grand Avenue is the only triangular plat of land in the town, because it is a location where two different street grids meet.[21] Often larger cities have this occurrence and a flatiron building is born, becoming an icon for that city or neighborhood, but it is not as common in smaller towns that have less complicated grid systems

Flatiron Building in NYC (aerial photo)

  • I think the building needs to be triangular to be called "Flatiron" Commented Jul 2, 2014 at 16:50

Corner House

A house located at a corner, or a place where a road bends, or there is an intersection.

Lyon's Corner House is a famous example; it was the first ever coffee shop, at which the stock exchange grew, in London.

It also became a well-known chain of coffee houses.


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