If I want to say "have the same feeling with ..." or "agree with ...", can I use "have resonance with ..."? For example, I knew a friend who doesn't own a cellphone and I found an article saying how great it is not having a cellphone. When I send this article to that friend, can I say "you may have resonance with this article"?

I found some people use this expression, but I'm not sure it is commonly used.

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The word does work in this context, although an action verb like feel would probably be more effective than have.

A more concise option that avoids the need for "have" or "feel": "This article may resonate with you."

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    +1 for mentioning resonate. Another option that may work here is relate to.
    – MrHen
    Commented Mar 22, 2011 at 19:04

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