The word had been used with "nodding [such-ly]". If I remember correctly, the person I heard this from was describing one of the attributes you needed to be a manager was to be able to listen to someone and "nod" this way, maybe rubbing your chin with your hand or something to signal to that person that you are listening (even if you're not).

There is even a Wikipedia article about this word, but I cannot remember it at all.

At 58-y.o., this is one of the few times i hear a new word i never heard before (and look it up). Unfortunately, i forgot it right after.


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Could it be "nodding sagely?"

  • actually the word was "sagaciously". someone downvoted you, but i am canceling the down vote. thanks. Commented Jul 26, 2014 at 15:45

Ways I could nod to show I'm listening: sympathetically, knowingly.

Ways I could nod to show I'm listening when I'm not really listening: automatically, absentmindedly.


Could it be acceptingly or appreciatively? Acceptance and appreciation do not imply adherence or assent.


i wanted to put this in an answer, just so that people who may have read or contributed would see it pop into visibility. the word i was looking for was "sagaciously". i know it doesn't mean exactly what i took from it (from the context of usage), but normally when i hear of some manager or expert or someone "nodding sagaciously", there is an appearance of faux understanding or assent.

thanks everyone who answered and Erik for being the closest.

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