The question seems simple but so far I do not have a response. I'm wondering how to avoid the following type of repetition :

adjective1+ noun or adjective2 + noun

For instance (2 examples) :

1- "..a green car or a red car"

2-"It corresponds to a lower bound change or an upper bound change"

Here "car" and "change" are repeated twice. Can we change that to

1- "..a green or red car"

2-"It corresponds to a lower or an upper bound change"

It looks like we are loosing something by this reformulation.



Yes, you can, at least in the examples you gave. What you may be losing in some cases is intelligibility. Just because something is grammatically correct does not mean it is the most comprehensible way to communicate the idea.

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  • Nicely put. The horse raced past the barn fell down. And as for Buffalo ... – Edwin Ashworth May 26 '14 at 18:26

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