The answer is from user YourWelcomeOrMine from the subreddit /r/LanguageTechnology/.

I instinctively wanted to put a comma between “subreddit” and “/r/LanguageTechnology”, but “/r/LanguageTechnology/” is an essential appositive(?), so you don’t put a comma?

I don’t know why I didn’t feel the same way with “user YourWelcomeOrMine”, even though it’s probably the same situation.


  • It is the exact same situation. No comma.
    – RegDwigнt
    May 25 '14 at 21:41

To my ear, the difference is that with a comma, it's implied to be the only subreddit.

The answer is from the subreddit /r/LanguageTechnology/.

There are many subreddits, this particular one is /r/LanguageTechnology/.

The answer is from the subreddit, /r/LanguageTechnology/.

There is only one subreddit and it happens to be called /r/LanguageTechnology/.

  • Yeah, the comma could work if there was only one subreddit. Everyone knows what you’re talking about, so /r/LanguageTechnology/ becomes nonessential.
    – Jeff Kang
    May 26 '14 at 1:19

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