What word or phrase best describes a sense of loyalty to and/or support of an educational institution from which one graduated?

Used in a sentence:

Alice received her PhD from Foo State University (FSU). She actively promotes her alma mater, attends alumni events, and makes large contributions. She has a strong sense of __.

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I would say school pride, although you can say school spirit too.

The reason I chose school pride is that school spirit often notes a loyalty while you are going to school somewhere and school pride can be used in either case, however the terms are both used interchangeably.


School loyalty or affiliation.

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    Affiliation doesn't imply any affection or loyalty on either party, simply that a relationship exists. The university may wish it had never admitted me and I may despise it in return, but the fact of my matriculation means we are nevertheless affiliated.
    – choster
    Commented May 16, 2014 at 3:32

I think that the loyalty to her university can derive from a strong sense of belonging to her alma mater.

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