From Yellow Slugs by H.C. Bailey:

He went to the room where Eddie lay. The doctor was there, and turned from the bedside to confer with him. “Not too bad. We’ve put in a long sleep. Quite quiet since we waked. Very thirsty. Taken milk with a dash of coffee nicely. But we’re rather flat.”

What does the boldened bit, “we’re rather flat”, mean?

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    I'm not sure it's general reference, the word being so polysemous, but RHK Webster's has: flat 13[/44] lacking vitality or animation; lifeless; dull. PS Thank you; I've just added 'flat' to my list of 'secondary modifiers' ['flat broke']. May 9 '14 at 19:59

Without more context it's hard to be sure, but I'd take "flat" to mean that they're still tired physically and/or emotionally. Certainly that's how I'd have intended it.


I think flat here is used to bean:

  • without variation, or change.

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