Looking for a word to describe ability using physical objects. For example, someone who is particularly adept at using a computer, or nunchuks, or any physical object, could be said to have a lot of -----.


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You are probably referring to manual ability or skills

Manual skills

Ability to use one’s hands efficiently in the performance of a specific task or operation. An individual with a high degree of manual skill is said to have a great deal of dexterity. For example, a juggler has a great deal of manual skill.

  • Nice answer, manual ability is exactly what I mean. I always thought dexterity was just another word for agility, but googling the definition I see that it does say "especially with the hands".
    – PalinDrone
    Commented May 1, 2014 at 7:22

They have dexterity, or if they're good at fixing things you could say they are handy.


A person who has a natural understanding or ability to manipulate physical objects is said to have a mechanical skill

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