Do we have both the usages of inside-out and outside-in?

inside-out means: with the inner surface turned outward.

So basically they are the opposite meaning? Perform inside-out and then perform outside-in on an item A, then I suppose geometrically that we can turn A back to A itself?

And can we call this process of inside-out and outside-in as the $2\pi$=360 degree self-flipping?


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Inside out and outside in are not opposites. They mean the same thing, at the same time.

Imagine a garment of fleece, such as a sweatshirt. The inside is fleecy, the outside is smooth. Turn it inside out. The fleecy side is outside now. Where is the smooth side? The smooth side is in; the shirt is outside in.

To say that something is inside out and outside in is a redundancy, the purpose of which is to reinforce or intensify. It's as if you were saying something was thoroughly inside out.

If you want a sequential use, it's more common to say inside out and back again.

You can posit that once a shirt is inside out, the inside becomes the new outside and vs. versa, but an inside out garment will really always be inside out.


You understand the meaning of inside out (without the hyphen). Say we have a pair of pants. They can either be inside out to fix the pickets or right-side out to wear them.

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