There is a song "Something That I Want" (ending theme from Tangled). It has the following lines:

She's a girl with the best intentions.

He's a man of his own invention.

What is the meaning of the second line? Is there are some kind of idiom?


This is a version of the more common expression self-made man. It indicates a person who has made their own way in the world, most usually someone who started life poor and became rich by hard work.

  • I pretty much agree (+1) but would say that self-invention doesn't necessarily equate with financial wealth - at least not in my mind. – chasly - supports Monica Sep 29 '15 at 23:22

I searched for the second line as to whether it was an idiom or a phrase. However I dint find anything of such sort. Perhaps the line " He's a man of his invention" means that the person in question discovered some unique traits within himself and worked upon them to make himself successful.

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