What is another way to say "the need for" in regards to mental health system reform

  • Needs more context – kolossus Apr 18 '14 at 18:45
  • Agreed, this needs more context. But you might try using "is necessary", as in, "mental health system reform is necessary." – brandonjsmith Apr 18 '14 at 19:20

Exigent: (Formal) Pressing; demanding.

  • An exigent need exists for mental health reform.

Apodictic: (Formal) Clearly established or beyond dispute.

  • There is an apodictic need for mental health reform.

Supererogation: (Formal) Do more than necessary. (Synonym: operose.)

  • Mental health suffers from unnecessary supererogation, reform should be considered.

Mutatis mutandis: (Adverb) Mutatis mutandis is a Latin phrase meaning "changing [only] those things which need to be changed" or more simply "[only] the necessary changes having been made".

This usage should be used as a justification.

  • Healthcare in America is dire need of reform, mutatis mutandis, especially for mental health.

Ad verecundiam: Appeal to authority, argument from authority or authoritative argument.

  • The need for mental health reform is indisputable ad verecundiam.

It is probably worth noting that most of these words/phrases are very uncommon/rarely used so take care if you do decide to use one (and to be considered outside of the suggestions of @Jeroen)

  • necessity — quite formal
  • urgency — quite formal
  • requirement — ordinary
  • obligation — quite formal
  • prerequisite — formal

Make it an active verb. That often does the trick: The mental health system urgently needs reforming.

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