I am looking for a word for being in a mood to experiment or try something you would not normally do for a situation.

A person might say: "I am feeling .... today, and will go another way".

I knew this word but for some reason I am totally blanking on it at the moment.
I think the word starts with the letter t.

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    What's wrong with experimental? Apr 16, 2014 at 15:48
  • I've heard people say "in an experimental mood." Apr 16, 2014 at 20:15
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    Bi-curious.... I'll get my coat.
    – Alec Teal
    Apr 17, 2014 at 13:05
  • @AlecTeal semi-obligatory: xkcd.com/330 Apr 17, 2014 at 15:02

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I would use adventurous. It is commonly used in this situation.

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    Thanks, but not the word I was looking for. I think the word starts with the letter t.
    – CaptainABC
    Apr 16, 2014 at 13:55

Word starting with T

Since you mention t in your comment to Chenmunka...

tem·er·ar·i·ous [tem-uh-rair-ee-uhs] adjective

reckless; rash.


saucy adjective ˈsȯ-sē, ˈsa-

2 a : impertinently bold and impudent

b : amusingly forward and flippant

Usage: "Not today my good man, I'm feeling saucy."

Saucy in your example would be a saucy word choice.

  • I like the word, but temerarious to me implies recklessness (as in the definition), while CaptainABC's example in the question doesn't. (That might just be my reading of the example though?)
    – voretaq7
    Apr 16, 2014 at 23:00
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    @voretaq Could be, but temerarious is the only synonym for adventerous/experimental that I could find. As it is based on temerity, which can mean simply bold, I think it still fits.
    – Patrick M
    Apr 16, 2014 at 23:06
  • @PatrickM Yeah I could get behind it, it just seems like it has baggage (for that matter so does my idea of temperamental). I can't think of many T words that fit here :)
    – voretaq7
    Apr 16, 2014 at 23:15

"I'm feeling "enterprising" today?"

enterprising: ready to embark on new ventures; full of boldness a d initiative.

Also, consider "intrepid" and "in a trying mood."

intrepid: fearless; daring; bold.

I am feeling in a trying mood today, and will go another way."

On fairly different levels, how about "frivolous," "frilly," "frothy," and "transgressive"?

I am feeling frivolous today, and will go another way."

I am feeling transgressive today, and will go another way."

  • OED says of temerarious "now only literary", and they record no citations after C19. Apr 16, 2014 at 15:16


"Feeling experimental, I put the odd looking delicacy to my nose and sniffed".


"I am feeling experimental today, and will go another way"!


In response to your comment about a word starting with t, how about this?

I feel like trailblazing today

That implies going where you have not been before.


It doesn't work as a single word but you could use "tempted" in combination with another verb.

"I am feeling tempted to experiment today, and will go another way"


I'm feeling frisky today, and hear the wayward call of the wild in my restless soul. The path not taken beckons me with a Siren's song.

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    I would caution that in pop culture, frisky has connotations of playful sexual interest or arousal.
    – choster
    Apr 16, 2014 at 15:42
  • I like frisky here. OP didn't say this wasn't about sex. Apr 16, 2014 at 15:52
  • @choster Sure, but it would be a duller language if our word choices were always confined to hooking up with current pop culture intimations, you know? Apr 17, 2014 at 12:54
  • My, downvoters dredging the depths of time! They must be feeling frisky today. Jun 5, 2016 at 16:11

Today, I've decided that I'm going to:

Cut loose / live dangerously / let it all hang out / let the mood take me where it will / be a {daredevil / free spirit} / {venture / step} outside (of) my comfort zone / try something {new / different} / {throw / cast} caution to the wind.


Eccentric - unconventional and slightly strange

Deviant - differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society

Wayward - given to or marked by willful, often perverse deviation from what is desired, expected, or required in order to gratify one's own impulses or inclinations or swayed or prompted by caprice; unpredictable

Capricious - given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour

... or any number of synonyms of the above which can be discovered by clicking on the links.


Since you're looking for a T-word, maybe Temperamental?

temperamental: given to erratic behavior; unpredictable.

I'm not sure I like it in your example, but it's the first T-word that came to mind.
(Capricious also came to mind but it's not a T-word and I'm not sure I really like that one in the example either...)


I cannot start it with a "T" but the word I would choose would be venturesome.


Some more words with 'T':

Tractile/tracility: Means ductile, which can be defined as capable of being readily persuaded or influenced; tractable.

Transilient: Leaping or passing from one thing or state to another.

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