I have example of two sentences here

He has to write a report.'

with he, she,it we will be using has.

but why we are using have here instead of has with "She"

She doesn't have to wear a uniform to school'
  • people need to realize that their life doesn't revolve around them only, is this fine or I should use dont here,

can somebody help me Thanks

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It's because in your first example it's the verb "to have" that you're conjugating. In the second sentence your main verb, the one conjugated is "to do".

You could rewrite the second sentence to read "She hasn't got to wear a uniform to school" if you wanted :)

  • can you answer the part 2 as well? – user1765876 Apr 14 '14 at 17:28
  • The correct way to say it is "doesn't revolve...". However you could say "life don't revolve around them" to give it some... country/homie/nonchalant flavor, keeping in mind that it's gramatically incorrect really ;) – Matt from VisionApp Apr 14 '14 at 17:38

It is the difference between the affirmative, the negative and the interrogative forms.

This is the simple present tense and do/does/don't/doesn't are the forms of the auxiliary.

When the auxiliary is present, the main verb reverts to its root form, i.e. without 's'.

We don't use an auxiliary in the affirmative: he works hard (except in the emphatic affirmative: he does work hard!)

In the negative and interrogative, we use the auxiliary for the third person singular (he, she, it) and the main verb reverts to the root form. Let's try the verb to want instead.

Affirmative: He wants to write a report. No does, so wants has an 's'.

Negative: He doesn't want to write a report. Doesn't is present so want goes to the root form.

Interrogative: Does he want to write a report? Does makes want revert.

So your sentence "she doesn't have to wear a uniform" is correct.

As for your other sentence: "people need to realise that their life doesn't revolve around them only", this presents other problems¹ but as far as "doesn't revolve" is concerned, that is correct.

¹Maybe you should ask another question.

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