Here is a quote from The Avengers, 2012 film.

Coulson : But first, we need you to talk to the big guy.
Natasha : Coulson, you know that Stark trusts me about as far as he can throw me.
Coulson : I've got Stark. You get the big guy.

I know what "Stark trusts me as far as he can throw me" means: he doesn't trust me. But I'm not sure why the sentence includes about. What does about mean here?

Plus, What does I've got Stark mean in the exchange? Maybe Coulson meant I will take on Stark?

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I trust him as far as I can throw him.

This does indeed mean I do not trust him very much (unless I am really big and strong, and he is quite small, and I could actually throw him quite far).

I've got Stark.

Means indeed "I'll take him on".

"I've got it" or "I've got him" can indeed mean "I'll take care of it/him".

Q: I can solve the first three issues, but what about the last one?
A: I've got it!

Means that the answerer will take care of that last issue.

Now for about:

That simply means "more or less" in this case. It is quite often used in this sense in sentences like these:

He is about 5 foot 4.
When will you arrive? About three.

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