What is the word that means "not able to be escaped from by struggling"? I heard it many years ago and have forgotten it due to advancing age and mis-spent youth.

  • Can you expand on what word you want? Struggling makes the possibility of escape worse - like metaphorical quicksand?
    – Ronan
    Apr 8 '14 at 9:04

The verb ensnare seems to convey that sense

to catch (an animal or person) in a trap or in a place from which there is no escape

I agree with mplungjan that snared can also work, but I think ensnared seems to connote inescapable a bit better.


Snared comes to mind

snare noun \ˈsner\
: a device that has a loop (called a noose) which gets smaller when the end of it is pulled >and that is used to catch animals : a kind of trap

: a position or situation from which it is difficult to escape

If someone/something is snared. struggling will only tighten the noose


Forfoughten/ forfoughen is to be [Wearied and worn-out with fighting][1]

[1]: http://useful_english.enacademic.com/344472/forfoughten. I think an appropriate word for a gentleman who is advancing in age and recalling a mis-spent youth

I thought 'laocooning' would be a struggle word but I cannot find any use


A synonym of "inescapable" is "ineluctable".

This is what the online American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says about "ineluctable":

Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable: "Those war plans rested on a belief in the ineluctable superiority of the offense over the defense" (Jack Beatty). [Latin inēluctābilis : in-, not; see IN-1 + ēluctābilis, penetrable (from ēluctārī, to struggle out of : ex-, ex- + luctārī, to struggle).] ineluctability n. ineluctably adv.


Consider "to be hogtied" and "to be in a double bind."

hogtie: to make incapable of effective action, as if by tying up.

double bind: a situation of conflict from which there's no escape.


May be we can use sustainability...

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