I have created a dropdown menu for my website. In this dropdown menu I have put a tab for audio, a tab for video, but I don't know what to call the category that include (News, articles, and stories altogether). I'm looking for a word that says something like this: "The reading stuff found here". In other words, even though the word video includes many different subjects, someone understand this is a category that has all videos. Is there something similar for the reading part ?

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The word is text

Written or printed words, typically forming a connected piece of work

  • Why not print to distinguish it from visual and auditory measures. While an emerging anacronism, most journalists who write consider their medium print not text.
    – bib
    Apr 7, 2014 at 13:49
  • Why restrict it to just what journalists do? If that's the case then news, articles and stories are the same thing. Apr 7, 2014 at 14:03

You may want to consider print.

print (noun)

* printed material.
* a printed publication, as a newspaper or magazine.

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