What are the right terms to define:

  • A person who is an affiliate in a company, who brings to the company other affiliates
  • What are the people he affiliated called in relation to him?
  • What is he called by them?

E.g. Affiliate, affiliates, referer

P.S. the word affiliate is surely related here. I guess it's referring to each person relating to the company. I'm not sure about the inverted relation.

  • I'd call them fellow employees and him a recruiter – Jim Apr 6 '14 at 3:50
  • @Jim Agreed about the Recruiter. Will use Affiliates and Recruiter. Thanks! – Shimmy Apr 6 '14 at 3:54

As Jim's comment notes, "recruiter" is appropriate and simply refers to someone who "recruits". More information on the process can be found at Wikipedia.

recruit — to attempt to acquire the services of (a person) for an employer: "She recruits executives for all the top companies."


'consociate' is to associate or to ally:

[1. to enter into or bring into friendly association

— adj 2. associated or united

— n 3. an associate or partner]1

Socius is defined as an associate too

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