As part of some instructions, the text concludes with the phrase "Learn more." This phrase is also a link. In some cases, I have been asked to make 'more' capitalized. I don't think this is correct as it is not a noun or at the beginning of a sentence. Any clarity of this would be helpful.


This is a question of preference, without a real "answer." However, many websites follow the principle of using title case for buttons and links that serve as calls-to-action. This varies depending on language, application, and prominence of the CTA.

Generally, if the call-to-action, button, or link is one–three words, title case is preferred. This website advocates that practice, as do many UX books. The world's largest retailer follows this style for most of its CTAs, including "Buy Now", "Add to Cart", and "Learn More".

Traditional writing styles are often abandoned when it comes to design.

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