I'm collecting information about Structure from the net and textbooks. Since I paid too much effort on this, I'm going to make it a book(ish), for studying purposes. But I couldn't decide on whether I should use

Put together by X


Assembled by X

on the book. I feel like put together fits more, but again, I'm not sure. Which one should I use? Also is there a better alternative?

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You could use compiled.

compile: 1. to compose out of materials from other documents. 2. to collect and edit into a volume.

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    I rather like this term for this purpose. There is no insinuation of authorship. I would probably add edited to it. Compiled and edited by . . .
    – David M
    Mar 30, 2014 at 19:41

You might consider collate, which has the meaning of organizing and editing as well as collecting.


Consider edited by

to produce a book by choosing, arranging, and explaining things that other people have written

In the US, the person in charge of creating a compilation is regularly called the editor. This is especially true when material has been excerpted, shortened, selected from a larger unit, or modified in any way.

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