I'm looking for a term to describe a state. Ordinarily I would use the word "Currency" to describe the state of "Current", "Future", "Previous", however in the context, this would be too easily confused with a monetary currency.

What would be another good word to use to describe a "currency" state?

"The currency of the address" sounds and reads horribly, and certainly "tense" in this context doesn't work.

  • Hi @Rocksalt. Can't you use 'status'? Since you are describing a state. – samloy.p Mar 27 '14 at 5:07
  • Potentially... would prefer a better term that directly implies currency. Status/State is generic and certainly in the context where I need the term would also be confusing. – Rocksalt Mar 27 '14 at 5:30

Possibly recency or recentness

[the quality of] having appeared, happened, or been made not long ago; modern, fresh, or new

While the terms suggest close to the present, they might provide a reference point as in

What is the recency of that event?


Some of the IT folk down here in Jamaica seek data fields or data elements which are TEMPORAL in nature, adding context of time, e.g., insert_datetime, update_datetime. So that is another adjective which MAY fit......

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