Is there a single English word (preferably a verb) which can replace the phrase "increase productivity" or "increase your productivity"?


In ascending order of ridiculousness and literary opacity, here are some suggestions:

We need a hike (def 5).

We need a step-up.

We need a goose (def 6), or we need to goose-up production.

We need some burgeoning here.

We need some waxing (a pun which alludes simultaneously to waxing as a transitive verb - to wax the competition, and an intransitive verb as in the waxing and waning of the moon). Obviously most people will think of body hair removal, but I can't help it if the English language allows these connections to be made, now, can I?


Check the synonyms of augment, to find words like "grow", "inflate", and "boost" - and more which will be helpful.

I'd also recommend "goose" and "burgeoning".

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