I was browsing a document on the history of Leicestershire in the UK. About halfway down the page, in the "Leicester in the 19th Century" section, it said:

Silver Arcade was built in 1899.

What does the word Arcade refer to here?

  • i like this question. no it's not a simple dictionary look up. in fact who would expect that dictionary definition is the ancient meaning instead of contemporary meaning. – user4951 Jul 6 '15 at 13:15

A quick dictionary search shows the following:


1: a long arched building or gallery 2 : an arched covered passageway or avenue (as between shops) 3 : a series of arches with their columns or piers 4 : an amusement center having coin-operated games

The video game usage comes from the notion of a covered passageway or gallery. These galleries were often filled with mechanical, coin-operated games. (Penny arcades, etc.) Video games were the descendants of these forms of entertainment, so the name was extended to them.

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