if the name has a junior e.g. Jose A. Ruiz, Jr. which comes first when the surname is asked first? Which is correct Ruiz, Jose Jr. A. or Ruiz, Jr. Jose A.?


Neither of those are correct, the younger Jose A. Ruiz would be listed as

Ruiz, Jose A. Jr.

if it was written in this lastname, firstname format.

He is the Junior 'Jose A.', so those names should be kept together.


Post-nominals always come after the name (as the word post-nominal might indicate). Thus a name Jose A Ruiz Jr, when listed surname-first, would be

Ruiz, Jose A Jr.

The same applies to names such as

Hammerstein, Oscar II
Runcie, R A K, DD MC PC

  • Dealing with Robert Runcie's pre and post-nominals must be even more complex, because he is both a 'Right Honourable' (by virtue of membership of the Privy Council) and a 'Right Reverend'. I notice that one site gives him both a 'Rt Hon' before and a 'PC' after, appendage. Is that correct? What would his name look like with all bells and whistles attached? I'll have a go: 'The Rt Revd and Rt Hon. Baron Runcie DD, MC, PC.' Is that correct? Can we fit his Christian name into that? I don't think it is usual with peerages. – WS2 Mar 5 '14 at 18:13
  • @WS2 How about The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Robert Alexander Kennedy, Baron Runcie of Cuddesdon, DD MC PC? – Andrew Leach Mar 5 '14 at 21:50
  • then you use 'that dude'. – Oldcat Mar 5 '14 at 22:22

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