Has or have below? I say 'have'. Compound subject requires a plural verb, right?

"I love the people, the culture, and (most importantly) the food that New York and Greenwich Village, in particular, have to offer."

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    Shouldn't it be "New York, and Greenwich Village in particular, ..."? Without the comma after "New York", it suggests that New York and Greenwich Village are two different places. Feb 27, 2014 at 6:19

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I love everything that opera, in particular La Traviata, has to offer.


I love everything that operas, in particular La Traviata, have to offer.

Since you're referring to New York, and Greenwich Village as a subset of it, logically, the singular applies.

Had you said something like 'capital cities and their specialist districts, like New York and Greenwich Village', the plural would apply.

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