As far as your English variety goes, does it sound acceptable to say "bother and do" instead of "bother doing/to do" in colloquial speech and not so formal writing?


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I have never encountered this usage and I find it odd. But evidently some people are using it (presumably on the analogy of try to do <-> try and do).

I think you have captured a snapshot of Language in transition.

  • Exactly. I don't suppose there are many people who can honestly say they find try and do it "odd" today - though are still plenty who think it's "wrong" to a greater or lesser degree, despite the fact that it's been reasonably common since long before they were born. Currently, I've got to say bother and [do something] sounds "wrong" rather than merely "odd" to me - but I suppose if I encountered it often enough, that would change. Commented Feb 26, 2014 at 14:22

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