I have found the phrase "How Many Times Does a Word Appear in the Bible". In an XML document I do not want to use the verb appear, but rather the corresponding noun.

For Example:

Appearance of the word "whatever" in book Whatever:
Chapter 23: 3 times
Chapter 30: 2 times

Can I use appearance in this context?

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    You can but I think "instance," "occurrence" or "frequency" would be better.
    – emsoff
    Feb 17 '14 at 6:16
  • I feel that's not quite the word in the context. You may have better alternatives.
    – Kris
    Feb 17 '14 at 6:24
  • @kris - it may sound pedantic, but while several options may be available, there can only ever be 1 alternative to anything. :) Feb 17 '14 at 6:46
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    'Occurrences' I think is best. Also 'something "occurs" twenty-seven times in the article', is perhaps better than "appears".
    – WS2
    Feb 17 '14 at 10:00
  • And 'How many times does a word 'occur' in the Bible?'.
    – WS2
    Feb 17 '14 at 10:11

You would use "appearances." When used to mean "a single instance of [something] appearing," appearance is a countable noun, and takes an s to form a plural.

You could also use "occurrences," which means the same thing.

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