Say, I have an administrative role in my software application which is intended to assign other roles among other administrators. So I'm looking for a simple and clear name for that senior administrator role.

So far I only got one idea - principal. Can you suggest anything else?

  • Principal already has a use in user management, roughly "user or role or group: something you can give a right to/something that can be authenticated". – Ulrich Schwarz Nov 8 '14 at 16:40

The best I could come up with are "leader" and "chief". Yes, chief itself can be used also.

But in your specific role, one word would not be enough because there are also other administrators and I don't think that your only duty is assigning roles.

"chief administrator" is the best phrase.

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It sounds to me like that particular role is for security, and therefore anyone who has that role assigned to them is a security administrator.

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Perhaps allocator (form allocate)

to set apart for a specific purpose

Or maybe designator (from designate)

to select or name for an office or duty; appoin

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