My boss doesn't like it when I start sentences with "as", and I'm not sure if it's actually a problem.

A case where I would start with "as" would be:

As your new account manager, it is my responsibility to . . .

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    As I see it, no. However, arguing with your boss is usually a poor way to advance in your career. – Elliott Frisch Feb 5 '14 at 15:35
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    As you are asked to do so, you might try formulations such as "Taking into account the supposedly well-known fact that I am the new account manager, all in this room should doubtlessly agree that it is my repsonsibility to ..." and see who is still awake when you've completed it. ;) – Hagen von Eitzen Feb 5 '14 at 17:54

Starting a sentence with as is not a problem, and never was. The Corpus of Contemporary American English has 150000+ cites for sentences starting with as, across all registers and contexts, including academic writing. Your boss is completely alone in this.

However, what your boss might actually be objecting to is the so-called dangling modifier. Prescriptive approach dictates that what you are really saying in that sentence is that the manager is not yourself, but the responsibility. However, from a descriptivist's standpoint, that is a perfectly natural, grammatical construction that is widely used and understood.

  • +1. I was about to say more or less the same, but was distracted by a telephone call. – Barrie England Feb 5 '14 at 15:49
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    +1 for dangling modifier. "As your new account manager, I have the responsibility to..." – Roger Feb 5 '14 at 15:53
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    Make your boss happy with "I have the responsibility (as your new account manager) to..." – tobyink Feb 5 '14 at 16:04

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