If you have already rated something and then you want to rate it again, what is the correct term?

Rerate or Re-rate?

  • What is the correct term? There is no single, correct term. One could say reevaluate. Also, different contexts might call for a different word. For example, say that, this morning, I wanted to change the number of stars on a Netflix movie that I reviewed last night, and, this afternoon, I wanted to make some substantial changes to a wine review I plan to submit to Food & Wine magazine. I'm not sure I'd use the same word to describe both actions.
    – J.R.
    Feb 5, 2014 at 10:23

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Both are possible, though re-rate is more transparent and thus easier on the reader. And of course you could simply say "change rating" or "rate again", as you just did.


Both are acceptable forms.

"Rerate" is acceptable by dictionaries. Click on the embedded hyperlink for evidence.

Though as @RegDwight stated, "re-rate" is easier to be read.

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