Page 154 of Secrets and Lies has this snippet:

In some ways we've been fortuitous with respect to computer viruses; all the ones we've seen are targeted against large computers, not peripherals or embedded systems.

What does "we've been fortuitous with respect to computer viruses" mean?

Substituting "fortuitous" with it's literal meaning "accidental" does not make much sense; i.e. We've been accidental with respect to computer viruses.

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I think the person quoted mistook fortuitous for fortunate. Try re-reading with fortunate instead --- it should make more sense.

  • I've linked this thread in an email to Schneier (the author). This is his reply: "I was thinking of the situation, but you're probably right."
    – Pacerier
    Apr 9, 2014 at 4:55

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