I am a fan of Devil May Cry.

In Devil May Cry 4, the highest rank for fighting is called smokin' sick style.

Here, it seems that smokin' is used as an adverb.

I guess it is derived from the usage of the f word.

Is it acceptable to take an -ing word as an adverb, which is commonly used as an adjective? Are there any other examples?

enter image description here

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It it's not uncommon to see such words used as adverbs. The word fucking and its many euphemisms furnish us the prime examples of this.

This is fucking great.

Don't be so frickin' stupid.

Learn to bleepin' drive!

But there are other examples that don't involve profanity:

It's boiling hot outside.

Put on a jacket. It's freezing cold.

These use cases, as you see, all involve intensifiers of some kind. That's how smokin' works in your example. All the example words may be used as adjectives as well.


Smoking is a normal adjective meaning great. Smokin' is just a way to make it more slangy, like friggin' and smokin' hot babe for example

I even saw this:

Smoking or Smokin', a slang term for overtaking other vehicles in motor-sport events

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