I was confused what to use in gap 11.

Kindly after going through the passage answer the following 4 questions and in question 3 please explain why you have chosen any option and what is the difference between those four options.

The passage

I peered at the river through a gap in the roots of the strangler fig. The thick branches of the tree 9 me without really protecting me. I noticed the gentlest of ripples in the water and then something 10 began to emerge from its depths. An enormous head upon a slender neck rose above the surface. I looked into the beast's cold, reptilian eyes.I could sense no mind or soul behind them. I had to refrain from letting out a frightened 11! The time for retreating into the depths of the forest had arrived and I knew that it was 12.

1. Which of these fits gap 9.

(a) hidden
(b) was hiding
(c) were hiding
(d) hiding

2. Which of these fits gap 10.

(a) wonderful yet grand
(b) amazing yet astonishing
(c) magnificent yet terrifying
(d) frightening yet scary

3. Which of these fits gap 11.

(a) "Aha"!
(b) "Ouch!"
(c) "Phew!"
(d) "Aah!"

4. Which of these fits gap 12.

(a) neither now nor newer
(b) neither sooner nor later
(c) either sooner rather than later
(d) either now or never

  • Welcome to ELU! It's not relevant to your question, but I think your 4-(d) is a typo and should be "either now or never". Commented Jan 20, 2014 at 13:56

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"Aah" - Surprised/Scared - the answer to your questions

"Aha" - Enlightened - Aha! That is how!

"Ouch" - Hurt by something - Ouch!, you hurt me

"Phew" - Relieved - Phew!, that was close

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