I need override for a course I want to take next semester. Instructor has asked to email him asking permission.

What should I write in the email?

Respected sir/madam,

I need prerequisite override for FOO101 Bar Spam course.


Thank you!


James Bond

Note: I was going to say "Please do the needful". But its not recommended.

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  • First, "override" is a noun, not a verb. You don't want to override the course; you want an override slip/chop/form from the professor to allow you to take the course. This is a Permission, whether it's formally called that or not. So forget the bureaucratic terminology; you are asking a professor to permit you to take their class. Why should they permit you? Convince them. – John Lawler Jan 11 '14 at 1:26
  • Situation is little different here. Its not that me or other students don't have prerequisites. There is some problem with registration website. I don't have to convince the professor. I just need one last sentence in the email message. – Pratik Deoghare Jan 11 '14 at 1:41

Dear Dr. Takahashi,

I respectfully request that you initiate an override so that I may be registered to take your course, Foo Bar Spam [IDxxx]. My name is James Bond and my student ID is 007.

Cordially yours,


Something like this should do the trick.

Dear Professor X,

I would like to request permission to enroll in your FOO101 Bar Spam course.

    [insert here some convincing reasons for the professor to allow you to take the class]

Thank you.


James Bond
(Student no. 45826640A)

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