"we do not want to overstate our welcome"


"we DO VERY MUCH welcome you!"


“we'd better keep our message of welcome at a moderate level”?

as in this context

each season, more people are watching the show, more awards

more attention, the reviews continued to be wonderful

and I think that's part of why Vince was like “hey we do not want to overstate our welcome”

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I think it should be overstay.

"We do not want to overstay our welcome" means "We do not want to stay longer than our hosts wish us to stay"


We do not want to overstate our welcome

First, you need to figure out who the welcoming party is and who is receiving the welcome.

In this case, I believe the audience is the welcoming party and the party receiving the welcome are the speaker and their compatriots.

This phrase is similar to

We do not wish to overstay our welcome

but with a different meaning.

Usually, I hear the phrase within its fuller context, for example,

We do not want to overstate our welcome, but we would like to thank everyone who enjoy our show and made us the Number One country music radio station.

It would mean,

We are not exaggerating, because we don't want you to feel we are exaggerating that we are very much appreciated by you the listeners of our show.


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