Quite a few words are mispronounced by under-educated people, or people learning English as a second language. Some words are often mispronounced by quite educated people who read, and began reading high-level literature before they heard the vocabulary spoken.

This can lead to a vocabulary dissonance, occasionally leading to the belief that there are two words (the known spelling of one, and the verbal hearing of the same) where only one exists. Epitome is a common example that springs to mind.

Answer with a word and its proper pronunciation (and potentially, the commonly mistaken punctuation).

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  • Pretty much every third word in any Harry Potter book. Nov 22, 2010 at 23:00
  • As pronunciations vary between British English and American "English", which should the answers reflect?
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  • @Orbling: Where the pronunciations differ, the difference should be noted.
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Looks like there haven't been any answers for a while, so some of these may be new mispronunciations that have developed:

homage is now pronounced incorrectly by many supposedly educated people, including news announcers, as uh-MAZH, instead of the correct AH-midg.

similarly, niche is now pronounced incorrectly as neesh instead of the correct nich.

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My favorite is the word infrared. I never, as a child, ever noticed that infra- prefix, and never thought the word had anything to do with red.

Naturally I pronounced it as in-FRAYRD, rhyming with "cared". I thought that frared must be some sort of word...I still percieve the word as "in-frared" in my head...


Debridement - The medical procedure of stripping away gangrenous or infected tissue to allow healing.

It is frequently pronounced De-Bride-Meant (as in D - wedding bride - past tense of mean). The proper pronunciation Deh-Breed-Mont.


I got tripped up by Misogynist (a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.) "Mi-so-guy-nist" when it's actually "mi-soj-uh-nist", as well as many others on this list.

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