Let's say I'm creating a website where I will post trivia of video-games, famous book from the 21st century and popular tv-shows.

I need a domain name and I'm wondering if there's an English word I can use to describe my site. If I were to post a bunch of stuff about Pokemon, Twilight, Mass Effect, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, can I use "geeky" or "pop culture" to describe that or are there better words?

Edit: I just thought of "Fiction", would "Fiction" suit my above examples too? Like "Fictiontrivia"


"Pop Culture" definitely describes your type of website. Pop culture is a broad term used to indicate any type of popular movie, game, book, etc. While geeky is more for specific things that are less popular and favored by a smaller stereotypical group, such as trading cards.

EDIT: I think fiction could possibly work, but it wouldn't appeal to your audience; it's more biased toward fictional novels.

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How about "Pop Culture Geek" since what you seem to imply is that you are into pop-culture? :)

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meta: For now, this is only a commentary.

Not geeky. Geeks are socially inept.

pop culture fits, but.
noun modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.

I think pop culture is 'too heavy' a concept for the OP's context. Also, it has some negative connotations.

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  • Comments don't have down voting, folks! Lol. – Kris Feb 28 '14 at 6:02

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