I recall hearing usages like

Need I say more?
Need I remind you that ...?

instead of

Do I need to say more?
Do I need to remind you that ...?

Indeed, they sound better, at least to me. I wonder whether there are more usages like this or not. Is this special to the verb need or are there similar usages like these?


The verbs need and dare are sometimes called "semi-modal", in that they sometimes behave like modal verbs (eg can: forming their negative and interrogative without do, and not taking -s in the third person singular).

The degree to which they do so varies between speakers, and according to register (degree of formality).

The idioms you mention ("Need I say more" etc.) are widespread.

In Britain I/you/he need not and I/you/he dare not are common, but I believe they are less common in American English.

"Need you", as in Need you go so soon? is old fashioned in Britain, but is still heard; I don't know about America.

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