Are the two usages both correct? Personally, I'd prefer

take something into account

but I have heard some professors and academic textbook authors prefer

take into account something.

Am I good to use what I prefer or the latter one is more correct?


"Take X into account" generally works better when X is not a lengthy expression. "Take into account X" generally works better when X is long enough that the reader might have lost the sense of "take" by the time "into account" rolls around. The less experienced the likely reader, the shorter the maximum length of X before it ought to appear after "into account" rather than before. The same is true of other idiomatic expressions constructed this way.

  • This sounds reasonable, and I came to the same conclusion as a non-native speaker. However is such position officially upheld by grammaticians?
    – Pygmalion
    Jan 25 '18 at 18:55

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